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· SUBCITY '98 ·


I. kerületi Önkormányzat, Budapest - Magyarország

Budapest 1st District Municipality- Hungary


Az önkormányzat szerepe és feladatai a területe alatt húzódó barlang és pincerendszer kezelésében

The Role and tasks of the Municipality in the management of the Cave and Cellar System under the Buda Castle


Ismereteim szerint a Budavári Önkormányzat az egyetlen az országban, amely barlangrendszerrel foglalkozik. Amennyiben a barlangrendszer mellett a vári házakhoz kapcsolódó pincerendszert is figyelembe vesszük, mintegy 10 kilométeres üregrendszer áll előttünk Az üregrendszer részei mind fizikailag, mind jogilag igen nehezen választhatók el egymástól.

Tehát: mi a szerepe az Önkormányzatnak a barlang és pincerendszer fenntartásában?

Hármas feladata van az Önkormányzatnak ő felelős elöljáróság, kötelessége megelőzni az üregek által okozott károkat, illetve elhárítani a veszélyeket, meg kell határozni és be kell tartatnia azokat a szabályokat. amelyek a barlangok, pincék megléte miatt a terület életét befolyásolják, koordinálni kell az üregekkel kapcsolatos tevékenységeket.

Önkormányzatunk minden tőle telhetőt megtesz azért, hogy a vári üregek, barlangok. pincék veszélyeit elhárítsa, és a Várban lakók, az ide látogatók lehetőleg ne érezzék a barlangrendszer állal okozott károkat, és a barlangok, pincék folyamatos használata lehetővé váljon.

As far as is known, the Buda Castle Municipality is the only one in Hungary which takes care of a cave system, and hires experts and companies just 10 salve problems with the caves.

If we also count the cellars below the houses of the castle, the approximate length of the cave system is about 10 km.

Except for some cavities which have a special usage (about 5% of the total), we have dealt in a uniform way with all the other caves. In our opinion and based on extensive experience, the cave and cellar system under the Buda Castle area is uniform, and therefore needs the same kind of protection, irrespective of whether they are independent cellars or are connected, or whether they are found below private houses, or public offices.

The various parts of the cavies can be delineated in a very difficult way, both physically and legally. Physical separation can be solved sometimes, but legal problems only rarely. These difficulties are discussed in more detail by my colleague, Katalin Ferenchalmy.

What is the role of the municipality in the sustain-able development of the cave and cellar system?

The Municipality has a three-fold role: as the responsible authority for the area, it must prevent damage and avert hazards, define the specific rules which regulate the life of the area above and close to the cellars. make sure they are kept clean, and coordinate ail activities connected with the cavities, as a manager, take care of the state of the cavities and their usage.

We cannot forget, that with the proper protection of the caves, we also protect the historic monuments above them, in addition to the subsurface treasures.

The caves and the cellars sometimes require regulations which strongly influence the life of the Buda Castle. These can be legal problems or connected with city management.

When talking about the management of the cave and cellar systems, we must keep in mind the leading role of the Municipality. As required, we inform the owners of the private houses about the necessary steps which must be taken in connection with the safety of the cellars.

Those steps, which regulate the life of the city are also very important in areas which tie above caves.

One of these is the restriction of public transport •..

During past decades, up to the beginning of the 1980s. transport was not limited at all. Cave damage in the middle of the 1980s led to a restriction on public transport. when heavy buses were banned. People can still remember that bus No. 16 drove via the castle area to the Moszkva Square. Since that time not only the big buses, but also the trucks have been banned from the area of the Castle. There was a big scandal about the installation of a barrier last year to control traffic, but the aim was protection of the sub-surface.

Other activities of the Municipality, like coordination of the reconstruction of the public waterworks and sewage system is not so spectacular, but it also is of great importance.

Instead of a role as local authority, the Municipality has a coordinating and consulting role. In this way we manage to function as a serving municipality.

I hope that the points discussed above highlight the tact that the Municipality does its very best, despite the legal and ownership problems, to prevent damage to the caves and cellars. The people living in, and visiting the Castle should not be confronted with these difficulties, and the problem of continuous usage of the cavities must be solved.

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