7. A Perform Cellar Danger Prevention



Today, cellar hazard prevention activities are primarily concerned with dealing with unexpected situations, with less money for prevention. In previous years, the tasks could have been planned in advance, and the specialists could spend more time and energy on the work to be done. Accordingly, it was possible to carry out complex programs, but in the case of force majeure the primary aim was to reduce the damage and to cause further damage. In the following, I will try to outline the main points of both prevention and remediation. The purpose of the detailed description is to enable professionals and decision-makers to know what to do and to estimate the expected costs in advance of the work. In our country, to my knowledge, such a description, a guide to the work to be done has not yet been prepared ...

Complex cellar hazard prevention activities include the following components:


A. Direct cellar hazard work

1. excavation (pdf 1,4 Mb - in Hungarian)

2. cellar hazard prevention methods, choosing the right solution

- Plans for removing an artificial cavity (details) pdf 9.7 Mb - in Hungarian)

- Presentation of basement reinforcement with concrete slabs (photo gallery - pdf 7,0 Mb)


B. Additional Works

1. a survey of cellars and artificial cavities

2. design of reinforcements

3. licensing of works

4. follow-up, records

5. research of cavities


C. Water Utilities

D. Restoration of structures (such as retaining walls)

E. Planning and carrying out urban management tasks


In this case, damage to the building can only be restored after the cellar damage has been rectified. Urban management tasks are very important, as the breaking of sudden events, cellars and artificial cavities usually requires the taking of measures that fall into this category (eg roadblocking, traffic diversion, placement of inhabitants of possibly damaged buildings, etc.).



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